Ethical fashion: yes, yes, you’ve heard it all before

// If it’s wrong, if God says don’t do it, then that must be reason enough. Regardless of the inconvenience.

Written by Sarah Stone

What I’d do with $54.1 billion

// I wasn’t sure – so I asked a bunch of women with big plans: survivors of human trafficking.

Written by Naomi Telfer

Why I’m fighting human trafficking

// Wherever you are reading this from, you’re probably not too far away from a slave.

Written by Naomi Telfer

I started something, and I finished it

// Together, we learnt that there is dignity in meaningful work. Beyond currency, there is self-respect. A post for Anti-Slavery Day on 18 October.

Written by Suzie King

I get by with a little help from my friends

// How community causes hope to rise, despite the worst of sufferings. The latest in our mini series on modern-day slavery.

Written by Lucy Steels

The one in front of you

// What does it really mean to love your neighbour? Another post in our series on modern slavery.

Written by Christine Gilland

The ink is hope

// Stories of modern-day slavery. Part of our mini series for Anti-Slavery Day.

Written by Naomi Telfer

One dress, one year

// I thought the dress would make me feel better; instead, it helped me see who I really was.

Written by Bethany Winz

Help end trafficking by swapping your clothes

// "We are responsible for our choices and each individual choice adds up to a significant impact."

Written by Amelia Abplanalp

#MyNextBuy: Am I part of the problem, or the solution?

// "Rather than being part of the problem, let’s be part of the solution that stops trafficking in the cotton industry."

Written by Alex Perkin

When girls go missing

// "Why were these two girls collateral for such a large sum of money? Why does an already tragic tale of...

Written by Felicity Cowling

10 things that must be done…

// abolish modern-day slavery.

Written by Gemma Brown

Meet Holly – an A21 volunteer…

// Do it for the ONE.

Written by Gemma Brown


// Around the world, all day, every night, there are women, children and men being raped, degraded, forced into servitude.

Written by Natalie Collins

Mala’s story

// The end of human trafficking requires persistence and determination.

Written by Laci Carnes

Anti-Slavery Day

// Gemma Wilson is the guest editor for threads this week. Here she discusses slavery – the uncomfortable, horrifying, pressing issue...

Written by Gemma Brown

Time to grow up, Primark

// Will the horrific building collapse in Dhaka killing at least 900 people, be enough for cheap clothing stores to take...

Written by Matt Hitchings

Am I free?

// The visceral reality of claustrophobia can be something I experience walking down the street or lying in my bed, wide...

Written by Katherine Maxwell-Rose