What would Jesus drive?

// He wouldn't, he'd cycle.

Written by Thomas McConaghie

Weighing in on the weight issue

// What should the Church’s response to obesity be?

Written by Emma Fowle

Does God care how much I weigh?

// So does God care how about the numbers on the scales or how I look in my clothes? Not in...

Written by Abi Flavell

Not fussed about buying organic? Three reasons why you should think again

// "Turtle doves have declined by 93 per cent since 1970 and it is stated that they could become extinct in...

Written by Lucy Slater

Smoking – cheeky little vice?

// I had my first puff when I was about 15.

Written by Dave Griffiths


// Three pregnancies. No babies.

Written by Ruth Garner


// I soon came to realise that infertility and miscarriage were just things that happened to me rather than being things...

Written by Nick Welford

Myth 8: ‘If I’m unable to work in a paid job, I’m not contributing to society’

// We have even begun to use business words to talk about the Church: ‘networking’, ‘strategy’, ‘vision’, ‘cell groups’.

Written by Anya Briggs

Baking over botox: Why Leah shouldn’t win The Apprentice

// From breast augmentation to nose jobs to buttock implants, millions of people are going under the knife to change the...

Written by Chine McDonald

Strengthen your core

// What does it mean for a Christian to strengthen their core? This question was brought on by a recent revelation...

Written by Graham Stevenson

Sin and biology: how sin can invade your inner being

// Science is beginning to understand how what we experience – both physically and emotionally – can substantially change who we...

Written by Jack Teasdale