Hashtag blessed

// The new beatitudes

Written by Lucy Olofinjana

The pursuit of ‘happyness’

// Happiness is a fallacy. Yes, you read that right. Here's the latest in our series on contentment.

Written by Cristine Edusi

In debt and on the dole – the generation without a plan

// I’m 23 and living with my parents, and I can’t help feeling I haven’t a clue what I’m doing. Sounds familiar?

Written by Joseph Allison

Reasons to be cheerful

// We’ve hit Lenten Hump Day.

Written by Daniel Jones

The happiness lie

// If happiness is the end-goal, most of us are failing.

Written by Anya Briggs

Why Christians should be more Danish

// It's all about 'hygge'.

Written by Elisa Pike

Sunday shopping: the pursuit of happiness

// Longer working hours, more money and encouraging consumerism might not be the best way to build strong communities, stable families...

Written by Andy Tilsley

So poor, so happy, such rubbish

// It’s a truth universally acknowledged that people living in poverty in developing countries are, yes, very poor, but also really...

Written by Sarah Stone

How to be happy (by a moderate depressive)

// Eight steps to happiness. Sort of.

Written by Ruth Mawhinney

How we rob ourselves of happiness

// "The UK has been ranked 16th in the world’s happiness index (2013), but is among the highest in opportunity and...

Written by Anya Briggs

Happiness vs joy

// Stop craving the next big thing, the next life-changing moment.

Written by Lynda Davies

Myth 2: ‘If I’m not happy at work, I must be in the wrong job and should just quit’

// At university, I was so busy consuming curries and trying to impress girls with my guitar that I never really...

Written by Tom Marshall

Confessions of a single British guy

// One possibility is to kill two birds with one stone, snare a guy and increase the number of guys in...

Written by Danny Webster