Luminous Dark

// When you follow God in wholehearted obedience, and suddenly your entire world falls apart; when your deepest, most urgent prayers are met with silence – can faith survive?

Written by Alain Emerson

New year’s resolutions of a miserable list-maker

// How an awful event helped me have healthier priorities.

Written by Becky Miles

To have loved and lost

// A Christian's experience of miscarriage.

Written by Anna Thayer

My hope for today

// The first week of Advent focuses on the theme of hope, so this week, we are too. Today's post examines how to hope when your dreams don't come true.

Written by Joanna Wright

The Hillsborough tragedy: when hurt breaks through and unites

// "This sense of unabashed sincerity and togetherness, is something which cannot be undone by terror. In their sadness, people see...

Written by Richard Woodall

Frozen peas are temporary

// As a young widow, I’m familiar with rough days. But this was different.

Written by Ruthie Davies

We don’t want to talk about it

// The Christian world, and more importantly the world of Rick Warren and his family was rocked with the news that...

Written by Rachael Newham

Why we need to say goodbye to grief

// At some point in our lives all of us will lose someone close to us. A parent. A beloved friend....

Written by James Prescott

Head-butts, hope and healing

// Our daughter, Cara, was born on 6 May 2010 and after 16 brave days she passed away.

Written by Neil Young

Widowed at 27

// All my dreams were shattered in a tragic second. I was living my worst nightmare.

Written by Ruthie Davies