Jesus, friends and enemies

// Christians have never been so suitably placed to live out a different story of enemy love that will undoubtably jar with the prevailing narrative of the times.

Written by John McGrath

The NHS: Britain’s greatest example of God’s grace

// A doctor’s view on how, despite the current crisis, the NHS is an example of Jesus’ upside down example.

Written by Freddie Pimm

Grace: counter-culturalism in action

// The grace we read about, or know in our heads, pales beside grace in action.

Written by Mike Harvey

Reasons to be thankful today

// Because God does not change like the shifting shadows.

Written by Emma Fowle

Serenity now

// More than just a Seinfeld quote...

Written by Christine Gilland

Unsee this

// Choosing not to become desensitised

Written by Annie Carter

The NHS is public grace

// Public grace is a concrete demonstration of unearned compassion.

Written by Hannah Malcolm

A new year manifesto

// This life isn't all there is...

Written by Dave Luck

Why I was wrong about writing off Giles Fraser

// Disagreement shouldn't mean dismissal

Written by Tim Wyatt

A Vicar, a Rabbi and an Imam walk into a park

// Why working together isn’t a joke

Written by Rachel Godfrey

Why Christianity doesn’t make sense

// "The son got what he didn’t deserve. It’s a scandal, it doesn’t make sense, it’s radical and it’s crazy. Yet,...

Written by David Wills

Frozen peas are temporary

// As a young widow, I’m familiar with rough days. But this was different.

Written by Ruthie Davies

Myth 9: ‘Working really hard will earn me favour with God’

// Although I am a product of a me-centred culture I also share a big chunk of the blame.

Written by Chris Buttenshaw

When sin becomes too familiar

// A man appears on screen. He has just hacked another human being to death in plain sight in south-east London....

Written by Chine McDonald

The parenthood of God

// Discipline isn't a word we like to dwell on.

Written by Lucy Olofinjana

We all need to be nudists

// Our shortcomings and failures can be responded to with bucket loads of grace, but that there is also a time...

Written by Cris Rogers

Maggie and me: on Thatcher, sin and grace

// As soon as I start to take it upon myself to decide who's in and who's out, I can't help...

Written by Chine McDonald

What living with room-mates taught me about marriage

// I’ve learned as much about marriage from brushing my teeth next to my room-mates as I have from any sermon,...

Written by Lyndsey Graves

A golden ticket

// All we need to do is find the strength to say yes.

Written by Lynda Davies

Les Mis: stumbling upon a grace-fest

// I only came to watch a cheesy sing-a-long with my mate on a Sunday night.

Written by Sara Kewly Hyde