The quicksand of the friend zone

// In the clearly defined space of a relationship, love may prosper. But what I'm left wondering is the status of...

Written by Danny Webster

Boy About Town: If I want to date you, then I’ll ask you

// A single guy goes out with a single girl. Is this considered a date?

Written by Boy About Town

Singleness: What’s all the fuss about?

// Miriam Skinner implores us to stop rabbiting on about relationships.

Written by Mim Skinner

Settling for scraps

// He dismissed her with silent awkwardness, leaving her to feel that she was not good enough.

Written by Danny Webster

What living with room-mates taught me about marriage

// I’ve learned as much about marriage from brushing my teeth next to my room-mates as I have from any sermon,...

Written by Lyndsey Graves

Why I won’t be inviting my friends to church

// Not everyone who walks through a church door is seeking to be rescued or to become someone's pet project or...

Written by Jem Oruwari

Facebook: the great break-up

// He tried to persuade me to stay; he said he'd be there if I ever wanted to come back; he...

Written by Alexandra Khan

A tale of two cities: church and long-distance relationships

// I could just have called this article ‘Living on the Eurostar’, for I have entered into a phase of life...

Written by David Salisbury

My flatmate is 93

// For 12 gloriously bizarre months I shared a council flat in Chelsea with a 93-year-old lady called Norma.

Written by threads

Religious espionage

// I've ended up with a dual persona, a personality which subtly transforms depending on the company I'm in.

Written by Lauren Belcher

Sampling Friends

// How on earth do we handle the intermingling between guys and girls?

Written by Danny Webster

Love: it’s an act of will

// The unspoken rule is that there are some people it's just ok to bitch about.

Written by Ruth Mawhinney

Dear Uncle Fred and Aunty Frieda…

// Did I misread the signs or was he playing games?

Written by threads

Join the positive revolution

// It’s embarrassing to claim the title Christian, when those who proudly bear the name online seem to act anything but.

Written by Anna Drew

Identity, belonging and utopia

// Many people my age feel a lack of a sense of place. Our identity is much more malleable than our...

Written by Lauri Moyle

Can life be like an episode of Friends?

// All I want is to be part of the gang

Written by Matt White