// In the wake of Remembrance Day, we take another look at what freedom really means.

Written by Emma Fowle

Does Magna Carta mean nothing to you?

// Is it anything more than religious-historical kitsch?

Written by Danny Webster

Let’s do our bit to end modern slavery

// "We need to create an environment that encourages companies to make positive change by establishing an equal playing field."

Written by Amelia Abplanalp

The art of letting go

// I run through the airport at break-neck speed, heart racing, muscles burning, body aching.

Written by Tomi Ajayi

Are you a commitment-phobe?

// I'm pretty sure the label of ‘eternal fence-sitter’ is something with which a lot of us could identify.

Written by Luke Briggs

10 things that must be done…

// abolish modern-day slavery.

Written by Gemma Brown

Meet Holly – an A21 volunteer…

// Do it for the ONE.

Written by Gemma Brown


// Around the world, all day, every night, there are women, children and men being raped, degraded, forced into servitude.

Written by Natalie Collins

Mala’s story

// The end of human trafficking requires persistence and determination.

Written by Laci Carnes

Anti-Slavery Day

// Gemma Wilson is the guest editor for threads this week. Here she discusses slavery – the uncomfortable, horrifying, pressing issue...

Written by Gemma Brown

Myth 3: ‘Rest is an inefficient use of time’

// Why spend your evenings moulding the sofa to your backside when you could be getting in some overtime for a...

Written by Pete Curran

Open source murder weapons

// With another US shooting at the weekend, Jonty Langley considers the 'freedom' which guns claim to bring.

Written by Jonty Langley

Breaking free from the vultures

// I did not realise that the relationship I had with a guy I'd known for nearly 10 years was abusive...

Written by Jem Oruwari

I haven’t bought a poppy yet…

// Maybe I'll get a pin badge, or a sparkly one like those on X-Factor.

Written by Matt White

Moustaches, freedom and transatlantic translation

// Angeline Liles brings us her pick of the week...

Written by Angeline Liles

Am I free?

// The visceral reality of claustrophobia can be something I experience walking down the street or lying in my bed, wide...

Written by Katherine Maxwell-Rose