Racist murders and sectarian bombings; why forgiveness still works

// Why the ancient art of forgiveness still has power in 2016

Written by Vicky Noble

Reasons to be thankful today

// Because God does not change like the shifting shadows.

Written by Emma Fowle

Can memories be deleted?

// The God who remembers no more.

Written by Rhodri Brady

Time and time again

// There was a huge media fanfare as Peter Capaldi became the latest incarnation of Dr Who.

Written by Rachel Helen Smith

A place of greater safety

// Where two or more are gathered online, discussion of Christian leaders’ misdemeanours will be among them.

Written by Vicky Walker

If you forgive

// "I'll leave the forgiveness business to the victims of major wrongdoing."

Written by Chine McDonald

Are sins really forgiven?

// Just as Google will now be required to delete links, so we are taught that we should delete the hurt...

Written by Natalie Collins

Calvary: An insight into the very worst humans can offer

// "The audience, like the priest in the confessional, is forced to endure an insight into the very worst that humans...

Written by Hannah Malcolm

Beyond redemption?

// "Redemption begins with remorse and repentance, so clearly Lee Rigby’s killers have a very, very long journey ahead. And who...

Written by Tomi Ajayi

The cost of forgiveness

// Are you suffering from First World Problems?

Written by Hannah Kowszun

You got rhythm

// Hands up: who’s from a dysfunctional family?

Written by Alexandra Lilley

What to do with Luis Suarez?

// When Luis Suarez bit an opponent on Sunday, my first reaction was that it was a disgrace and Liverpool should...

Written by Paul Hobson

Forgiveness: taking back stolen power

// It is a long, often challenging, process that sometimes feels stupid or impossible, but being aware that forgiving is both...

Written by Jem Oruwari


// I’m deliberately abandoning the enterprise of making sense of myself. I breathe in, I breathe out. The silence hisses, neither...

Written by Francis Spufford