Transforming lives through sport

// With the Paralympics now on, it's time to talk sport once again.

Written by Joe Lowther

An interview with Kaká

// To kick off this week's series on sport, our pals at Cross the Line shared a few moments from one of their most high-profile interviews...

Written by Ollie Baines & Liam Flint

Can I be a Christian and… gamble?

// Picking up an old series, Thomas wonders if having a flutter on the footie might be okay...

Written by Thomas McConaghie

Non-muscular Christianity

// The rocky relationship between sport and Christianity.

Written by Mike Tyler

Leicester City? Unbelievable.

// How a Premiership League win is a bit like The Crucifixion.

Written by Mike Tyler

The Muamba effect

// On the fourth anniversary of #Pray4Muamba, what have we learned?

Written by Sam Lomas

Humbling the Special One

// None of us are immune from being humbled. Even God Almighty humbled himself to walk with us on earth.

Written by Manoj Raithatha

Confessions of a glory-seeker

// "It's a place many United fans of my age have never really been. The thought of not supporting the winning...

Written by Chine McDonald

What to do with Luis Suarez?

// When Luis Suarez bit an opponent on Sunday, my first reaction was that it was a disgrace and Liverpool should...

Written by Paul Hobson

Putting the right shirt on

// Wouldn't it be great if people were drawn to me not because of the colour shirt I am wearing, but...

Written by Tim Bechervaise

I’m just like Luis Suarez

// Suarez’s actions have angered me; the attitudes of others have angered me even more. But first and foremost I need...

Written by Phil Green

John Terry’s blood-and-thunder approach to football

// A man who divides opinion before you even get to the off-field issues.

Written by Nathan Jones

American football: The most communist sport in the world

// The first shall be last and the last shall be first.

Written by Joe Ware