3 lessons from Captain America: Civil War

// WARNING: minor Captain America: Civil War spoilers here.

Written by Jack Skett

Hail, Caesar! A modern-day passion play?

// Note: contains some spoilers, but hopefully only enough to encourage you to see the film

Written by Danny Webster

Sick on screen

// It seems that films showcasing sickness are in rude health.

Written by Rachel Helen Smith

Terminator 2 and motherhood

// Yesterday was Mother’s Day, a day loved by some, and dreaded by many...

Written by Mark Hewerdine

50 shades of abuse

// "People would like to think domestic abuse is something “over there” affecting “those people”. But it’s not."

Written by Natalie Collins

The hope in our stars?

// Why Interstellar is wrong about space travel and right about love.

Written by Caleb Woodbridge

Time and time again

// There was a huge media fanfare as Peter Capaldi became the latest incarnation of Dr Who.

Written by Rachel Helen Smith

Review: Boyhood

// The defining coming-of-age movie that shows the beauty of normality.

Written by Thomas McConaghie

Calvary: An insight into the very worst humans can offer

// "The audience, like the priest in the confessional, is forced to endure an insight into the very worst that humans...

Written by Hannah Malcolm

The Wolf of Wall Street

// "Some have criticised The Wolf of Wall Street for glamorising the lifestyle of these money-grubbing conmen, but such critics are...

Written by Peter Marsay

I’ve seen enough ‘Strong Women’

// "Write it for a male and just change the name to a girl."

Written by Sophie Lister

Film review: How I Live Now

// Based on Meg Rosoff’s novel of the same name, this beautiful reimagining of a wartime romance is everything you wouldn’t...

Written by Angeline Liles

The Great Gatsby

// There's more life underneath the restless surface of the literary classic than this cinematic portrayal suggests.

Written by Angeline Liles

This is Sparta

// For our 300th post, we asked Carl Beech to tell us just why he loves the epic testosterone-fuelled film 300...

Written by Carl Beech

Song for Marion: Cancer, community and choirs

// Song for Marion combines cancer, community and choirs all into one heart-warming, true to life film.

Written by Bryony Young

Hero or broken man? Denzel shines in Flight

// An alcoholic in denial, we see what happens to a man who is a reluctant hero.

Written by Kirk Dunn

Les Mis: stumbling upon a grace-fest

// I only came to watch a cheesy sing-a-long with my mate on a Sunday night.

Written by Sara Kewly Hyde

Our great expectations

// Fleeing his childhood ways, Pip heads out into the wider world without any real sense of direction.

Written by Bryony Young

The Hobbit: Little man takes on the world

// I had to ride a horse in a fat suit with prosthetic make-up on and rubber fingers.

Written by Katherine Maxwell-Rose

Why do we watch James Bond?

// Bond is not a teacher, nor are his films parables. We watch them because they are enormous fun.

Written by Alex Baker