Confessions of a Christian event organiser

// Two thoughts from a former cynic about the importance of Christian festivals.

Written by Luke Aylen

Is there a connection between spirituality and mental health?

// The next post in our series from Greenbelt 2016.

Written by Steph Scott

The current condition of Christian feminism

// The next in our series of posts from Greenbelt...

Written by Becca Dean

The lost art of seeking love

// The latest in our series from Greenbelt 2016...

Written by Steph Scott

Getting lost at Greenbelt

// In anticipation of Greenbelt, one of our festival reporters muses on why it's good to be lost.

Written by Steph Scott

The threads guide to loving festivals

// With Glastonbury kicking things off last weekend, it's time to start packing. Here are our nine top tips.

Written by Katherine Goodenough

Doubter, have confidence

// Be comforted from the fact that Jesus spoke to all his disciples this same, regardless of their confidence.

Written by Thomas McConaghie

Is Calais the new Glastonbury? A return to the Great Commission

// Who will go?

Written by Sarah Yardley

Everyday faith after festivals end

// As an organiser of a Christian festival, I am the first to say that our lives shouldn’t just be shaped by a one-time event.

Written by Sarah Yardley

Holiday romance or long-term relationship?

// The Christian summer festivals have a habit of becoming like summer romances; dead a matter of weeks after a return...

Written by Emily Owen

The secret doubt garden

// "Faith doesn’t eliminate questions, but it knows where to take them."

Written by Amaris Cole

Time to pursue Him

// "I’ve become tired by chasing good things, but not chasing the good God."

Written by Cris Rogers

Notes on a women’s conference

// Women I don’t know are staring into my eyes, saying things like: “You’re an amazing woman of God”.

Written by threads

Post-festival purgatory

// Four things to do when you get home from a Christian festival

Written by James Watts

Standing out in a crowd full of attention-seekers

// We don’t have to try to be any bigger, cleverer or more in-yer-face than we are.

Written by Ed Mayhew

Festive cheer

// It’s that time of the year again…the time when we dust off those glad rags that have been sitting in...

Written by Christine Gilland

Greenbelt 2012: Mud-entrenched; justice-invoking

// I’ve given up on trying to scrape the mud off my rucksack and shoved the tent to the back of...

Written by Katherine Maxwell-Rose

Edinburgh Fringe: Creativity by the cart-load

// Sara Kewly Hyde is heading to Edinburgh for this year's Fringe. Here she shares her top picks of what to...

Written by Sara Kewly Hyde