10 books for your inner activist

// In the lead-up to our event on activism this week, here's a short reading list...

Written by Hannah Malcolm

Dear Pinterest: I’ll be mediocre if I want to be, thanks

// In the lead-up to International Women's Day, I'm declaring war on Pinterest quotes.

Written by Christine Gilland

What’s up with Donald Trump?

// How Trump gives us the opportunity to be better men.

Written by Matt White

When a girl can be herself

// We all get to a point in our lives (especially girls) where we try to be perfect.

Written by Ella Dickinson

Both in God’s image

// Why the Church must help stop sexual violence against women

Written by Elisa Pike

Two guys walk into a pub: feminism

// Chris and Ryan return to the pub, order drinks and hit record. Today's topic ... feminism.

Written by Ryan Morley Male

Is Kim Kardashian patriarchy’s favourite woman?

// Why being #liberated doesn't seem quite all it's made out to be...

Written by Claire Rush

Why I believe in women’s ministry

// Minus the manicures and knitting

Written by Charlotte Hendy

Freeing Kesha

// Why this story is so much more than a hashtag

Written by Natalie Collins

I don’t care if you’re a feminist

// Don't expect delighted surprise when you announce that you are a feminist... Prove it.

Written by Jody Stowell

Terminator 2 and motherhood

// Yesterday was Mother’s Day, a day loved by some, and dreaded by many...

Written by Mark Hewerdine

What’s in a name?

// A lot, it seems.

Written by Gemma Brown

Why I felt better in prison than the pub

// Most girls know how to handle themselves in the face of a group of rowdy boys.

Written by Anonymous

Sexism in space

// "I’m glad we’re talking about both women in STEM and the Philae news, but it’s like both important issues have...

Written by Emily Sturgess

Emma Watson and the F word.

// Feminism is a dirty word. I don't know exactly how it got that way, but I know that for the...

Written by Alexandra Khan

Why there’s no such thing as “real” womanhood

// If you are a man, you are a real man. If you are a woman, you are a real woman.

Written by Sarah Bessey

Is Church an empowering place for women?

// "As girls we were told that our call is as mothers and wives, a call that is external to us,...

Written by Natalie Collins

Egalitarian marriage: who wears the trousers?

// "Egalitarian marriage is not about role reversal. It is not about women, rather than men, wearing the trousers – it...

Written by Ruth Wells

Can you be a Christian and not be a feminist?

// I was once told by a Christian summer camp leader that “feminism is nothing to do with equality; it’s all...

Written by Claire Jones

Jesus wasn’t a feminist

// Jesus was radical, but he treated women equally to men.

Written by Bethany Moffett