Five reasons to be inspired by the persecuted Church

// The persecuted church. Millions of Christians every day making the choice to lose it all, give up everything, and wake up to a day that require full reliance on God. Here are five reasons why I believe this source of inspiration is for all of us.

Written by Pete Hopper

The unsafe family

// An extract from Home by Jo Swinney.

Written by Jo Swinney

5 steps to avoiding #awkward Christmas

// Including advice on how to avoid messing up the Christmas carol lyrics.

Written by Tim Bechervaise

7 tips for surviving Christmas with the in-laws

// When your new family takes the fun out of Christmas, what can you do?

Written by Anonymous

5 ways to make this Christmas (more) meaningful

// A Christmas message from our friends at Christians Against Poverty.

Written by Joseph Allison

Tales from a former Christmas orphan

// What happens when you find yourself on the other side of the world from your family at Christmas?

Written by Amanda Robinson

Divorce and Danish living

// As part of our Advent series, we are look this week at love, and how to survive Christmas when you feel alone

Written by Ruth Clements

When your foster kids arrive by police car

// Would you allow your dreams to be big enough to give a home to the children nobody else dreams of?

Written by Pat Copeland

Fostering at 30

// Laura and her husband decided to become foster parents. They are only 30 years of age. Here's what they've learned so far.

Written by Laura

Shawshank adoption

// Why is it unusual for our churches to even mention our adoption into God’s family, let alone our mandate to care for the vulnerable?

Written by Krish Kandiah

Whose care do care-leavers leave?

// Children weren’t created to be cared for by institutions; they were designed for family.

Written by Joe McSharry

No, I don’t want children

// ... and yes, I’m (98%) sure.

Written by Naomi Rose Steinberg

What I’ve learned on the road in Rend Collective

// "... survival of the fittest is the opposite of what it means to live in community."

Written by Gabby Llewellyn

Tales from toddler group: confessions of a stay-at-home dad

// I have a burning desire to shout: ‘I HAVE NO BREASTS.’

Written by Anonymous

Gwyneth, Chris and conscious uncoupling

// "No matter how it is euphemistically defined, the stark sadness of divorce cannot be masked by redefining it as ‘conscious...

Written by Annie Carter

A brother for Sophie

// "My new mummy and daddy will be coming to get me soon, won’t they?”

Written by Mim Diment

God’s Plan A

// One month ago my life changed. My priorities shifted. My full night’s sleep vanished. My husband and I adopted two...

Written by Robin Belder

Losing my religion?

// Why oh why in those few weeks a year that I travel home do I always fall short of who...

Written by Becky Steed

You got rhythm

// Hands up: who’s from a dysfunctional family?

Written by Alexandra Lilley

It’s a baby

// In an abandoned half-built building in Lebanon, Katie Harrison discovered Syrian refugee families sheltering, and one very tiny baby.

Written by Katie Harrison