Making Jesus Known

// Playing our part in the Great Commission.

Written by Eve Balshaw

The importance of conversion

// Part five of our series 'What is an evangelical?'

Written by Lucy Olofinjana

Stop leaving evangelism to the professionals

// Acts has a lot to say about non-professional evangelism.

Written by Thomas McConaghie

Stormzy is teaching me to talk about my faith

// Four things to learn from the biggest name in UK rap right now

Written by Nathan Hodson

When priorities change

// How do we stop our passion for Jesus fading?

Written by Gavin Calver

Why a ban on street preaching might be good news

// While I appreciate the liberty of free speech, exercising those freedoms in a particular way doesn't do much good.

Written by Andy Tilsley

Schrodinger’s river

// "He could be anyone; brilliant, and utterly charming... but equally likely, he could be dismissive, uninterested, and unfriendly."

Written by Emily Sturgess

Evangelism and arrogance

// "Those who aren't believers might be blindly hurtling towards destruction, but actually, they’re pretty happy."

Written by Haydon Spenceley

A spoonful of sugar helps the gospel go down

// It's OK to admit you're nervous and don't have the answers.

Written by Mim Skinner

Pigeon Christians

// "If people of faith don’t learn to communicate in accessible, comprehensible ways and if the language that we use hasn’t...

Written by Andy Tilsley

Cynical evangelism

// "The fear at the thought of asking someone to church is crippling - I'm less nervous asking a girl out."

Written by James Watts

A survivor’s guide to Christmas carols

// Carol services are a great way to evangelise in a non-threatening way and one of the few times non-church attending...

Written by Kemi Bamgbose

Has evangelism been forgotten?

// I've noticed a trend among Christians that's starting to make me feel grumpy.

Written by Carl Beech

The bad evangelism guide

// Rewind eight years. I'm sitting in a pub opposite a guy who I'm pretty sure is trying to convert himself...

Written by Nicola Hulks

Is our evangelism like spiritual mugging?

// If a passing pedestrian is about to be caught in a bomb blast and doesn't know it, then pulling them...

Written by Danny Webster

Shopping for Jesus: the rise of clothing brand Forever 21

// Are God-loves-you t-shirts the answer to all our prayers?

Written by Rachel Helen Smith

The guest service; a question of balance?

// This Easter, I attended a service that was definitely not aimed at guests, seekers, or new Christians - no more...

Written by Hannah Mudge