Words of life and death

// It seems to me that all those involved in Charlie’s heart-breaking situation need words of kindness, and that as followers of Jesus it should be the hallmark of all our interactions, both in person and online.

Written by Ruth Perrin

When is enough, enough?

// There's always enough in our God. Part of our series on food waste, written by our friends at Tearfund.

Written by Julia Kendal

What are you doing on Buy Nothing Day?

// We asked a few friends if they thought dropping Black Friday from their calendars was a good idea.

Written by threads

Restoring our economy

// Today we're talking handmade, with our friends from Rhythms, as part of their series this week on minimalism...

Written by Matt Currey

Help end trafficking by swapping your clothes

// "We are responsible for our choices and each individual choice adds up to a significant impact."

Written by Amelia Abplanalp

Fashion Revolution Day: be the change

// Two years after the Rana Plaza disaster and it’s shopping as usual. We have an opportunity to make a difference.

Written by Amelia Abplanalp

Easter eggs: a dangerously expensive treat

// Between 300,000 and one million children are being forced to harvest cocoa beans.

Written by Amelia Abplanalp

6 ways to save the world

// Saving the world sounds like a lot of effort.

Written by Amaris Cole

#MyNextBuy: Am I part of the problem, or the solution?

// "Rather than being part of the problem, let’s be part of the solution that stops trafficking in the cotton industry."

Written by Alex Perkin

Can you be a Christian and buy a diamond ring?

// After promising to myself that I'd never buy an uncertified diamond, I bought two...

Written by Jim Atkins

You can’t handle the truth

// Morality might not be considered cool, but if we want ethics then we must first know where they come from.

Written by Danny Webster