We are now in Act 2

// This Easter, let's not skip ahead of the pain into Act 3.

Written by Christine Gilland

Still sleeping

// The story of the garden of Gethsemane issues us a challenge.

Written by Emma Fowle

When the sun and the wind had a fight

// Love is such a remarkably stronger force than power, that it’s a wonder more people don’t choose it.

Written by Andy Tilsley

What to do when you get cancer at 21

// There is potential that the suffering of the journey is not a means to an end, but a real place of discovery of both God and our identity in God.

Written by Gillian Straine

Hail, Caesar! A modern-day passion play?

// Note: contains some spoilers, but hopefully only enough to encourage you to see the film

Written by Danny Webster

Let’s not bother praying for Brussels

// Thoughts on tragedy and Easter

Written by Andy Tilsley

Visiting the stations

// A photographic response to the refugee crisis

Written by Christine Gilland

On suffering

// An Easter reflection

Written by Alexandra Davis

Letting God down

// "I’ve known moments where I’ve not been able to look God in the eye. But forgiveness is for everyone."

Written by Ruth Clements

The longest day in history

// Holy Saturday: a day for doubt.

Written by Thomas McConaghie

Easter eggs: a dangerously expensive treat

// Between 300,000 and one million children are being forced to harvest cocoa beans.

Written by Amelia Abplanalp

Jesus the disappointment

// "... the liberator that wasn’t; the unfulfilled dream."

Written by Andy Tilsley

Why I’m bent on Lent

// Why Lent is more than a manmade religious ritual.

Written by Abi Flavell

Silence is a language of love

// "The rush to use words to answer questions highlights our discomfort. "Stillness comes when we know words have been spoken...

Written by Danny Webster

On godliness and giving blood

// I could be giving myself to a drug dealer, a gang leader, a child abuser or murderer.

Written by Chris Ware

Washing away the dirt that chokes

// By washing the feet of 12 young offenders in a penal institute, Pope Francis has begun his papal ministry with...

Written by Katherine Maxwell-Rose