Do you love God and/or His Church?

// I've seen too many people walk out the Church doors, leaving their faith behind. This deeply saddens me. The reasons for this exit can so often come down to this: some love Church without loving God, whilst others love God without His Church.

Written by Joey Robinson

The new commandment

// We are not primarily known as Jesus disciples through Bible-reading, our song-singing or church-attending. It's through our love for each other.

Written by Phil Hoyle

3 things I’ve learned about community living

// Acts 2 isn't always as rosy as it can seem, but it's worth persevering with.

Written by Ryan Galpin

What we loved in June

// Our monthly wrap-up of articles, videos and quotes that inspired us this month.

Written by threads

Adventure calls you…

// But adventure doesn't always look like trekking through the jungle.

Written by Claire Wong

How to follow Jesus

// Yes, that sounds really clickbait-y. But it sums up the article.

Written by Thomas McConaghie

Christian? Or Disciple?

// Here's the choice: will we be a follower or a face in the crowd?

Written by Thomas McConaghie

Why Jesus isn’t a utilitarian

// Jesus gives us relationship instead of a system.

Written by Joe Ogborn

I shop online, therefore I am

// How our online habits are unconsciously shaping our Christian values.

Written by Guy Brandon

Room for the present

// Learning to let go of the past in anticipation of the new.

Written by Pip McCracken

Social media, your habits and faith

// Because habits are powerful.

Written by Guy Brandon

The ‘churchless’ gospel

// A gospel without the church is incomplete.

Written by Joe Ogborn

Why private worship might be more important than public worship

// Are we the same behind closed doors?

Written by Levi Phillips

I want equality for the raw, mucky people of God

// Have we forgotten (or ignored) that the Bible is full of examples where the Kingdom of God was extended through the most unlikely?

Written by Darren Edwards

What does discipleship look like on a council estate?

// Living a life of faith can look quite different outside the bastion of middle-class Christianity.

Written by Laura Edwards

Don’t skip leg day

// What are our spiritually weak areas that need a little work?

Written by Jack Skett

Bro, do you even lift?

// It takes a while in the gym before #gains begin to show... discipleship is much the same.

Written by Jack Skett

5 questions for discipleship amidst the world of Instagram filters

// The image-sharing site just hit half a billion users. Here are some points to consider in our walks with Jesus.

Written by Robin Ham

What makes a better man?

// After 30 days of attempting to become a better man, did it work?

Written by Thomas McConaghie

The art of manliness · reflections on week 1

// Read Thomas' thoughts having completed days one through five.

Written by Thomas McConaghie