I think I may be allergic to disappointment

// And that's a problem, because pain and disappointment are part of life.

Written by Christine Gilland

2016 was tough for me, but God is doing a new thing

// God isn't only kind when things are going well.

Written by Amanda Robinson

Tamar – ancestor of Jesus

// How an ordinary woman became an ancestor of Christ himself.

Written by Ruth Clements

Where were you God, when I needed you?

// For better or worse, few things last forever. I learned that the hard way.

Written by Gemma Pask

Dealing with difference

// The world is watching how we react to the people, situations and problems around us.

Written by Annie Carter

Can I risk leaving my dream behind?

// What to do when the doors close on you. The latest post in our series on risk.

Written by Yvonne Dodoo

This is not how we imagined it

// Words of hope for all those facing disappointment

Written by Amy Turner

My hope for today

// The first week of Advent focuses on the theme of hope, so this week, we are too. Today's post examines how to hope when your dreams don't come true.

Written by Joanna Wright

Fear versus prayerful concern

// 4 guardrails for sticking with dreams in times of uncertainty

Written by Matt Kepple

A very British way to lose a cricket match

// ... conditional hope is a very British thing too, hoping that something special might happen, but holding back a reservoir...

Written by Danny Webster

Wedding night fails: tales from the honeymoon suite

// There’s nothing like the pressure on Christians for a perfect marriage night. From the bride of Christ to the love-drunk...

Written by Charis Gibson

Free to be disappointed

// When we are faced with circumstances we would never choose, it's only human to be angry, confused and disappointed. As...

Written by Lucy Cooper

Mind the milestone

// By the time you read this, I'll be 40.

Written by Jennie Pollock