My challenges with mental health

// Everyone goes through dark days, but it’s how we see through these moments that make us stronger. A post for World Health Day.

Written by Jade Ashley Till

If you need to talk, I’ll listen

// Mental illness is rampant in our society, and we need to talk about it.

Written by Dave Magill

Whom shall I fear?

// The verses that helped me through anxiety and depression.

Written by Gemma Pask

I know what it’s like to battle suicidal thoughts

// Rachael from ThinkTwice shares some of her own story on World Suicide Prevention Day.

Written by Rachael Newham

Why having depression doesn’t make me a bad friend

// The final piece in ThinkTwice's takeover for Mental Health Awareness Week.

Written by Abbie Robson

Praying in pain

// How do you pray when you're struggling with depression?

Written by Mara Measor

Sad Dad

// Knowing God’s paternal love for me is a battle I fight every single day.

Written by Luke Maxted

We’re in a mental health crisis

// It's Mental Health Awareness Week, and our friends at ThinkTwice are reminding us that it’s time to step up.

Written by Rachael Newham

Be a friend

// For Mental Health Awareness Week, our friends at ThinkTwice have taken over threads. In their first post, Rachael talks about the importance of friendship.

Written by Rachael Newham

How I survived am surviving depression

// There is a need for leaders who are willing to show their unfixed and broken parts, without having to wait for healing.

Written by Jared Ruttenberg

Coping with Christmas

// 'Tis the season for joy and celebration but for many, emptiness and sadness pervade.

Written by Rachael Newham

The day I lost hope

// As I stared at the ashes where the flame had been, I decided that I was finished. Later that day, I tried to take my own life.

Written by Rachael Newham

Hope is a big word

// A reflection on a depression and mental health a whole year after Robin Williams' tragic death.

Written by Nick Welford

Dos and don’ts for depression

// 8 pieces of advice.

Written by Nick Welford

How to be happy (by a moderate depressive)

// Eight steps to happiness. Sort of.

Written by Ruth Mawhinney

The narrative of victory and suffering

// Can we, the Church, create space for those whose suffering doesn’t seem to cease?

Written by Katharine Welby-Roberts

Admitting depression

// "I'm a Christian... I'm not supposed to feel this way!"

Written by Nick Welford

The stigma surrounding suicide

// It kills someone in the world every 40 seconds. It’s the second leading cause of death in 15-29 year olds...

Written by Rachael Newham

Speaking of suicide

// I've attempted to commit depression. I've committed an eating disorder.

Written by Rachael Newham

The tears of a clown: when comedians hurt

// “Even if you can make a joke out of anything, you can still feel crushingly lonely”

Written by Andrew Horton