Divorced and dating

// The online dating bio no one wants to write...

Written by Ruth Clements

The art of manliness · reflections on week 2

// The '30 days to a better man' challenge continues. This week's reflections include CVs, friendship, journalling, dating, and your private parts, although not all at once.

Written by Thomas McConaghie

Love your imperfections

// There are imperfections, and then there are insurmountable mountains that derail any chance of love.

Written by Boy About Town

Sex: worth the wait?

// In this sneak preview from her book Prude, Carrie Lloyd lets us in on why she's waiting for sex...

Written by Carrie Lloyd

Girl about town: the phantom texter


Written by Girl About Town

Six things that definitely aren’t dates

// Boy About Town is back! And he wants to have a word about that drink...

Written by Boy About Town

Escaping the cringe

// How to deal with Sudden Revulsion Syndrome when you're dating.

Written by Christine Gilland

Girl about town’s Halloween nightmare

// She's back with a bang! (Sorry)

Written by Girl About Town

How would Jesus date?

//  Don’t shoot as I say this, I’ve got my hands up: I’m into casual dating.

Written by Claire Jones

When you change your relationship status

// No post of mine had more likes... despite all my other achievements. I was now deemed successful.

Written by Girl About Town

Tales from an awkward walk home

// Navigating uncertainty in the world of dating.

Written by Tim Bechervaise

Boy about town: ’tis the season for flirting

// "The time of year we tend to be a bit more casual with our affections; ever so slightly more daring...

Written by Boy About Town

Dating apps and discipleship

// "More people from more places connected in more ways must be good. Right?"

Written by Claire Jones

Boy about town: how will I know?

// Speed equals distance over time

Written by Boy About Town

Boy about town: the Twitter-candy crush saga

// I suppose I could unfollow her, block her, exorcise her from my life.

Written by Boy About Town

Girl About Town’s Guide to Tinder

// Everyone's at it.

Written by Girl About Town

Miss 29: I dated a Christian and I liked it

// We helped find atheist Miss 29 a Christian date. The result wasn't quite what we had expected...

Written by Miss 29

Girl About Town: Can you fall for someone you’ve never met?

// Do you only truly know someone when you've smelt them?

Written by Girl About Town

Boy About Town: Why I won’t be dating Miss 29

// What's the point in a date unless it looks forward, unless there is some sort of goal in mind?

Written by Boy About Town

10 things single people wish married people wouldn’t say…

// Dear lovely-married-Christian-people, you may think you're being empathetic and encouraging when you dish out these crackers to your single friends....

Written by Kate Wharton