Impending birth and isolation: how I’m surviving South Africa (without wifi)

// Learning to be content takes on a whole new meaning when you're not at home in the U.K.

Written by Emma Elliott Freire

The courage to stay and plant roots

// Sometimes we need to uproot to move on and start new things. But other times, we must be slow and tend to deep roots as we learn the art of staying.

Written by Gemma Brown

Hashtag blessed

// The new beatitudes

Written by Lucy Olofinjana

5 ways to be more content

// Here's some of the things that are inspiring and challenging us in this right now.

Written by threads

Calling doesn’t start with being called

// Sometimes your calling starts earlier than you think it does. The latest in our series on contentment.

Written by Jared Ruttenberg

The noble art of staying

// Or, why I am not currently sunning it up in Barbados.

Written by Christine Gilland

Choice and having it all

// The latest in our series on contentment: real choice is hard, requires effort and involves compromise.

Written by Jennifer Goodyer

The pursuit of ‘happyness’

// Happiness is a fallacy. Yes, you read that right. Here's the latest in our series on contentment.

Written by Cristine Edusi

In debt and on the dole – the generation without a plan

// I’m 23 and living with my parents, and I can’t help feeling I haven’t a clue what I’m doing. Sounds familiar?

Written by Joseph Allison

Risk-taking and rootedness

// An interview with Jesus Culture's Banning Liebscher

Written by threads

Ridding myself of the shoulds

// I know I should be content, but I'd like some more stuff please.

Written by Katherine Maxwell-Rose