Inconvenient news: why it’s our responsibility to know

// 20 million people are at risk of starvation and I didn't know.

Written by Thomas McConaghie

The pitfalls of convenient activism

// Let's not get consumerism and activism confused.

Written by Emma Hay

I shop online, therefore I am

// How our online habits are unconsciously shaping our Christian values.

Written by Guy Brandon

Can I be a Christian and have an iPhone 7?

// Would Jesus have an iPhone?

Written by Annie Carter

One week, one outfit

// In the second part of our ethical consumption challenge, Amaris wears the same outfit every day. Priceless.

Written by Amaris Cole

Sunday shopping: the pursuit of happiness

// Longer working hours, more money and encouraging consumerism might not be the best way to build strong communities, stable families...

Written by Andy Tilsley

You are not what you buy

// "Jesus laid down a blueprint – we’re here to contribute, to serve, to give abundantly and sacrificially."

Written by Thomas McConaghie

Did Coca-Cola steal Christmas?

// With the famous ad now in its 20th year, let's remember that it's not the holidays that are coming, but the Holy One.

Written by Krish Kandiah

Black Friday: boycott or buy into?

// "But how should we react to a day like Black Friday as followers of Jesus?"

Written by Paul Robinson

Does it really have to be all about the presents?

// Two years ago, I announced to my family that I no longer wanted them to buy Christmas presents for me.

Written by Emma Fowle

Inequality is boring

// If Bill gates were to spend one million dollars every single day, it would take him 218 years until he...

Written by Jonty Langley

We are all worshippers

// "One more thing..." says the executive. A new gadget is revealed. The press go wild. The internet buzzes. "Take my...

Written by Caleb Woodbridge

We are the Church

// Growing up as a vicar’s kid, I quickly learnt that there are three types of congregation member...

Written by threads

The real cost of fashion

// Every year, around eighty billion garments are produced globally. Staggering, isn’t it?

Written by Amelia Abplanalp

3 reasons I’m thanking God Christmas is over

// "As we head into this new year, I have a sneaky suspicion that the battle for our hearts and minds...

Written by Emily Bowerman

Have a magi-cal Christmas!

// "Jesus was God's plan to rescue us from our stress; from the crazed, hysterical, complex mazes of our lives –...

Written by threads

The lifestyle idol

// It’s not so much money that’s the idol, it’s the lifestyle. What’s even worse is that I’m fully aware that...

Written by Rachel Holmes

The art of letting go

// I run through the airport at break-neck speed, heart racing, muscles burning, body aching.

Written by Tomi Ajayi

Can you be a Christian and buy a diamond ring?

// After promising to myself that I'd never buy an uncertified diamond, I bought two...

Written by Jim Atkins

Shopping for Jesus: the rise of clothing brand Forever 21

// Are God-loves-you t-shirts the answer to all our prayers?

Written by Rachel Helen Smith