My prayer life; the missing puzzle piece

// What a pilgrimage to Paris for climate change taught me about prayer

Written by Jade Ashley Till

What to pray when the words won’t come out

// Earlier this year, Tash Creaney from 24/7 Prayer and Emmanuel Church in Lurgan went to Malawi to visit some Tearfund projects in Malawi. Here, she reflects on her trip.

Written by Tash Creaney

The power of pilgrims

// On Earth Day, here is a story of the power of prayer, pilgrimage and people

Written by Jade Ashley Till

What I’m learning from COP21

// Rachel Lees writes about creation, contemplation and climate change

Written by Rachel Lees

The Pope and the end of the world

// It’s been a big week in planetary-doom news...

Written by Emily Sturgess

What would Jesus drive?

// He wouldn't, he'd cycle.

Written by Thomas McConaghie

Speak up… for the love of our world

// "We’re inviting everyone who is able to come to Westminster and meet their MPs in person on 17 June, to...

Written by Rebecca Baron

This isn’t the time for climate fatigue

// The Bible talks about justice over and over again but at present it's the poorest and youngest in the world...

Written by Chris Ware

Time to climate-proof the future

// "All is not lost. While the IPCC report does make for grim reading, it tells us there is still time...

Written by Tomi Ajayi

UK floods: maybe it’s karma

// It's time we learned our lesson.

Written by Joe Ware

Is climate change as bad as slavery?

// Over the past few hundred years Christians have a proud record of standing up to some of the great injustices...

Written by Joe Ware

Can you be a Christian and still eat meat?

// The choices we make about what we eat directly reflect and impact how we treat other people.

Written by Sarah Rowe

Charlie Chaplin, new US drama, The Newsroom and Jimmy Carr’s tax dodging

// Joe Ware provides us with some excellent global viewpoints in his pick of the week.

Written by Joe Ware