Why I have an issue with nativity plays

// How paying attention to Advent has stirred my appreciation of Christmas

Written by Thomas McConaghie

Confessions of a Christian event organiser

// Two thoughts from a former cynic about the importance of Christian festivals.

Written by Luke Aylen

Both in God’s image

// Why the Church must help stop sexual violence against women

Written by Elisa Pike

What it’s like to be … the worship leader’s guitar

// We've kicked off our new 'What it's like to be ...' series with a look at the worship leader's guitar.

Written by Emily Sturgess

The best and worst of Christian culture in 2015

// The definitive top 10 list you've all been waiting for...

Written by threads

Why we’re all just dying for a little bit of honesty

// What is it about the church community that makes us so tempted not to be honest with one another?

Written by Emma Fowle

The PR in our preaching

// Technology, humour and and practical tips for life are all totally ineffective if the aim is not parsing the broken...

Written by Jack O'Grady

Come to this table – if you’re one of us

// "However nicely we dress it up, it’s obvious that this is an event for the insiders."

Written by Claire Jones

My church: stick or twist?

// So there’s my dilemma: I’ve committed for the long haul but I sort of wish I hadn’t.

Written by Anonymous

Tales from toddler group: confessions of a stay-at-home dad

// I have a burning desire to shout: ‘I HAVE NO BREASTS.’

Written by Anonymous

PTL for Fruitful Evange: The jargon virus and the need for inclusivity

// "Like many other young charismatic evangelicals, I grew up in youth ministries that rejected much of the traditional church language...

Written by Mim Skinner

Shoot Christians say


Written by threads

6 side-effects of salvation

// When you become a Christian, the ratio of hoodies to other types of clothes in your wardrobe will rise dramatically....

Written by Mim Skinner