God speaks in the small

// So, I did this thing ... and realised that I don't have to be afraid of scars, labels or decisions.

Written by Elizabeth Neep

Distractions, desire and destiny

// When we know someone isn’t God’s best for us we spend our time rationalising our choice to keep pursuing them. It won't work.

Written by Bex Finney

2016 was tough for me, but God is doing a new thing

// God isn't only kind when things are going well.

Written by Amanda Robinson

Dear past me

// It's all going to be okay.

Written by Christine Gilland

Dear Pinterest: I’ll be mediocre if I want to be, thanks

// In the lead-up to International Women's Day, I'm declaring war on Pinterest quotes.

Written by Christine Gilland

5 ways to be more content

// Here's some of the things that are inspiring and challenging us in this right now.

Written by threads

Choice and having it all

// The latest in our series on contentment: real choice is hard, requires effort and involves compromise.

Written by Jennifer Goodyer

I am free to risk

// But let's pray for those who don't have the luxury of that choice. The latest post in our series on risk.

Written by Jade Ashley Till

A letter to a friend on risk

// Continuing our series on risk: here's to stepping out into the next adventure.

Written by Simon Wilce

Never say never

// I learned the hard way, to be open to God's plans for my life.

Written by Annie Carter


// In the wake of Remembrance Day, we take another look at what freedom really means.

Written by Emma Fowle