Is ‘self-actualisation’ really the key to success?

// And when it comes to being successful, do we know it when we see it?

Written by Liz Bradley

2016 was tough for me, but God is doing a new thing

// God isn't only kind when things are going well.

Written by Amanda Robinson

Dear past me

// It's all going to be okay.

Written by Christine Gilland

Dear Pinterest: I’ll be mediocre if I want to be, thanks

// In the lead-up to International Women's Day, I'm declaring war on Pinterest quotes.

Written by Christine Gilland

The five women who made me

// In time for International Women's Day, here's a shout-out to some truly inspiring women.

Written by Amaris Cole

Impending birth and isolation: how I’m surviving South Africa (without wifi)

// Learning to be content takes on a whole new meaning when you're not at home in the U.K.

Written by Emma Elliott Freire

Don’t judge me, but I’m not a history maker

// I was going to do something 'big' for God. Then life happened.

Written by Anya Briggs

Risking to the sound of motivational quotes

// Because surely I can't be the only one?! The last post in our series on risk.

Written by Christine Gilland

Can I risk leaving my dream behind?

// What to do when the doors close on you. The latest post in our series on risk.

Written by Yvonne Dodoo

A letter to a friend on risk

// Continuing our series on risk: here's to stepping out into the next adventure.

Written by Simon Wilce

Never say never

// I learned the hard way, to be open to God's plans for my life.

Written by Annie Carter

The “what next?” question

// Yes, we know what you're about to ask...

Written by Yasmin Levy-Miller

Christina McKenzie, food stylist

// On our brand-new Working 9 to 5 series, we take a peek at other people's lives for one day. Today, meet Christina, food stylist for Jamie Oliver.

Written by threads

What if we’re not all meant to save the world after all?

// Sometimes the pursuit of a ‘meaningful’ career can become as narrow-minded and limiting as the pursuit of success.

Written by Christine Gilland

From Bible college to banking

// Five years later, I’m still there. Not quite what I anticipated.

Written by Tim Bechervaise

Whatever you think your calling is, it isn’t

// It's not church leader or entrepreneur or activist or anything else.

Written by Nick Harris

Size doesn’t matter

// A response to the suggestion that those who can’t grow or govern their church should get out.

Written by Danny Webster

I misread Jeremiah 29:11

// "It's a great verse if you don't think about it too hard"

Written by Alasdair Lindop

Calling vs career

// Out of wounds comes the healing of humanity. Out of the grave comes hope for the world. Out of what...

Written by Alexandra Lilley

4 things I’ve learnt about being unemployed

// "Unemployment helps develop a thick skin. After my first job rejection I stayed in pyjamas all day and cried down...

Written by Joanna Leighton