More to look out for at Greenbelt

// No two people have the same experience. While I’m tapping my toes to the legendary and hilarious Folk On, there’ll...

Written by Claire Jones

5 things to look out for at Greenbelt

// Whatever brings you to Greenbelt, try your best to inhabit the moment and enjoy your surroundings.

Written by Chris Ware

It’s not about the money, money, money…

// What motivates us to create what we create?

Written by Sarah Hawkins

We need people and people need patience

// Things I learnt while pretending to be an artist {PART THREE}

Written by Amie Aitken

Be OK with being bad at things – for now

// Things I’ve learned while pretending to be an artist {PART TWO}

Written by Amie Aitken

Things I’ve learnt while pretending to be an artist

// {PART ONE} You have to start somewhere, so just start.

Written by Amie Aitken

Rebooting Christian comedy

// Is 'Christian' the worst label you can give any form of art?

Written by Andy Kind

Created to create

// So why am I pushed into academic subjects rather than the arts?

Written by Sarah Hawkins

A golden ticket

// All we need to do is find the strength to say yes.

Written by Lynda Davies

What is your name?

// It’s easy to self-identify, create a profile, decide on a username, choose a handle, design a tag, put a name...

Written by Alexandra Lilley

Beauty, death and Damien Hirst

// A retrospective at Tate Modern is every bit as challenging and stomach-churning as you might expect

Written by Katherine Maxwell-Rose