Adventure calls you…

// But adventure doesn't always look like trekking through the jungle.

Written by Claire Wong

Jonah and the terrible other

// Why the washed-up prophet knows more about enemy-love than his armchair critics

Written by David Benjamin Blower

Geocaching and Jesus

// What treasure-hunting with a GPS taught me about faith...

Written by Jenni Brews

Risking to the sound of motivational quotes

// Because surely I can't be the only one?! The last post in our series on risk.

Written by Christine Gilland

The Bible is a story of risk-taking

// One of the riskiest things we can do is become a Christian.

Written by Cris Rogers

Can I risk leaving my dream behind?

// What to do when the doors close on you. The latest post in our series on risk.

Written by Yvonne Dodoo

I am free to risk

// But let's pray for those who don't have the luxury of that choice. The latest post in our series on risk.

Written by Jade Ashley Till

A letter to a friend on risk

// Continuing our series on risk: here's to stepping out into the next adventure.

Written by Simon Wilce

How I’m learning to leave my comfort zone

// As part of our new series on risk, Amanda asks what happens when the greatest risk is trust?

Written by Amanda Robinson

5 steps to making a bright idea come to life

// Yes, you've had a great idea - but where to now?

Written by Alex Cameron

Adventure, she said

// She stumbled until she was four inches from my face, broke out into a wide-mouthed grin that made her eyes...

Written by Gemma Brown

5 lies about being 25

// Don’t panic, but everything you believe about your life may be wrong.

Written by Sarah Stone

When redundancy got me lost in the woods

// Learning to spot the beauty in the middle of being lost.

Written by Tim Bechervaise

Things I’ve learnt while pretending to be an artist

// {PART ONE} You have to start somewhere, so just start.

Written by Amie Aitken