Activists, let’s hear the call of King Jesus

// Beyond all my twelve-point plans, I want there to be a heart change.

Written by Christine Gilland

10 books for your inner activist

// In the lead-up to our event on activism this week, here's a short reading list...

Written by Hannah Malcolm

Jesus: a radical activist

// Jesus caused havoc amongst the religious elite in his time.

Written by Rebecca Atkinson

The pitfalls of convenient activism

// Let's not get consumerism and activism confused.

Written by Emma Hay

What’s up with Donald Trump?

// How Trump gives us the opportunity to be better men.

Written by Matt White

Mad World and multi-tasking

// Trying to tune into the God song...

Written by Jenni Brews

Restoring our economy

// Today we're talking handmade, with our friends from Rhythms, as part of their series this week on minimalism...

Written by Matt Currey

What I’m learning from COP21

// Rachel Lees writes about creation, contemplation and climate change

Written by Rachel Lees

We’re all activists here

// Women have always been in the business of quietly following the dangerous, table-turning ways of Jesus.

Written by Naomi Williams

We are not a loan

// People power: how local churches are taking on payday lenders – and winning

Written by David Barclay

The problem with being pro-something

// Being 'anti-something' is easy.

Written by Cameron Stewart

Speak up… for the love of our world

// "We’re inviting everyone who is able to come to Westminster and meet their MPs in person on 17 June, to...

Written by Rebecca Baron

What the Church can learn from drag

// Recently, thanks to a friend, I have been dipping my toes in the pool that is the drag scene.

Written by Mim Skinner

Cancer, courage and changing the world

// "The NHS carry out more than 18,000 mastectomies a year. Angelina Jolie wasn't the first to get one and she...

Written by Amaris Cole

A better way to be a do-gooder

// The culture of the professional do-gooder is disempowering to the individual wanting to lace their ‘do-gooding’ through the fabric of...

Written by Mim Skinner

This year I’m going to get bored

// "And most importantly, stopping gives us the chance to connect with our maker. It gives Him the chance to break...

Written by Lucy Mizen

The incomplete activist

// Conclusions from a life of activism based on flawed research and a somewhat untrue story...

Written by threads

Blessed are the innovators

// God says you have to make a difference.

Written by Dan Preston