Yesterday, we messed up. We posted an article on this page that just did not reflect the tone that we want threads writers to hit. We’re all for asking questions and critiquing but in all of our questioning and doubts and critique, we want to look for the better way – just like Jesus did. And when we’re writing about the Church; our hope is that it can become all it’s called to be.

We knew many would disagree with the post – like we did – so we had tried to pre-empt that by commissioning a more hopeful response. But for some things, a response just doesn’t cut it.

So we’ve taken the original post down and are holding up our hands to say: we got it wrong. If you’d like to read the hopeful response anyway, then we’d love you to read Liz Clutterbuck’s post. Church leaders, so many of you are doing such a great job with very little resource and even less thanks. So, here’s one from us: thank you.

Here’s a little reminder of our editorial from way back when on finding ‘a better way’:

We realise we have a chance here – together – to look for the good, to search for that better way. We believe that better way represents something of the kingdom of God, the shalom that Jesus talked about. So in all that we do, in the articles we publish, we hope to ask the question: what is the better way?

Whether we’re talking about relationships or fatherhood, politics or celebrity gossip, film or theology, that’s what we’ll be trying to find – a better way to do life.

We’re not sure where the answers will take us. But we’re certain that we’ll all be on that journey together.

We’d love you to join us.