Pencil collecting
This website by a pencil collector called Bob Truby is a thing of wonder. It will also make you start looking at pencils lying around your house in a different light. Clearly the man takes photographing, categorising and acquiring pencils to a level beyond what is probably good for him. But looking through this site I can’t help wishing I had a collection of something this good.

Indelible Grace – Dear refuge of my weary soul
Indelible Grace are a coalition of musicians which take old hymns whose words they like and rewrite the music. I love this haunting track.

Redefining ‘pro-life’
Thomas Friedman in the New York Times does a great job redefining the term ‘pro-life’. Why do we let it simply mean from conception to birth? And why do many ‘pro-lifers’ in American seem happy to ignore all the other issues which have a devastating effect of people’s lives after birth as well?

Ever had to deal with the ‘turny buttons that lie’? Eddie Izzard has.

Why a Bible belt conservative spent a year pretending to be gay
This is the amazing story of a Bible belt American conservative Christian who grew up hating homosexuality but decided to live in the shoes of a gay man for a year. He came out as gay to his family and friends and even got a job in a gay café. Worth a read.

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Joe is from Sheffield and being a northern immigrant to the capital is still enjoying the novelty of London. A journalist by trade he enjoys writing about many things, among them faith, international affairs and global justice. He also has a morbid fascination with American politics (what other kind is there?) and is an avid follower of the Green Bay Packers. Can often be found wandering along the Thames listening to Radio 5Live.

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