We love questions. We are scratching our heads about faith and life and what they have to say about each other. We are curious. We are wrestling with questions where there used to be answers, and are passionate about working it out together. It’s natural to have questions. Some Christians might look as though they have it all figured out, but we think that there’s honesty in questions.

So we decided to put down our laptops and log out of Twitter. We’re taking threads offline and heading to The Pursuit (1-4 May, 2015), to see that expression of honesty blossom into a deeper faith and an authentic relationship with Jesus.

We’re bringing our secret (doubt) garden to Grantham. This is an opportunity for those secret doubts to be discussed and debated by peers, starting a conversation that we hope will show you that God is big enough to hold the questions.

By the end of the weekend our garden will be full of doubts – scribbled onto the leaves and petals that fill our space. Others will be taken home, given some more thought and then turned into a post for threadsUK.com.