With 56% of graduates expecting to be in a management role within three years of starting work, it’s clear that we’re an ambitious generation. But what does the Bible have to say about ambition? How does ambition sit alongside the call to seek first the Kingdom of God? And is it possible to be strategic about career progression without compromising our integrity as a follower of Christ?

Join us for a brief overview of ambition in the Bible from LICC’s Head of Theology, Antony Billington, followed by Jill Garrett, Senior Executive Coach and former MD of Gallup Europe, reflecting on the role ambition has played in her life, in the roles she has been employed in, and the culture of the companies she has worked for.

As usual there will be a light supper to kick us off, an experienced panel for you to grill at the end and plenty of discussion throughout. Come ready to wrestle with this topic with other ambitious young adults and expect to leave both challenged and encouraged about God’s purposes for your work.

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