Even though my male colleagues know I’m a Christian, they still joke with me about f**king girls. When I tell them I’ve met a girl I like, they might say “does she take it up the ass?” Or, “have you railed her yet?”


I’d never heard that before.

I don’t think they are being malicious, I just don’t think they understand what it means to be a Christian.

I daren’t tell them I’ve been celibate for 17 years. It would be around the staffroom in no time, and I’d be good for gossip. I’m sure I already am. If only they knew the deeper stuff.

Some things need to be kept secret.

But back to my work colleagues. As you know, I go out to the nightclubs, and if I see my work colleagues out, and they see me with a girl, they might say: “Have fun with her tonight.”

I really don’t want to explain that I’m there to help the girls, to introduce them to NGOs – because it sounds pretentious.

But back to the office. Even though I’ve said I’m a Christian, they seem to still want to tell me their stories of their previous night’s conquests, in detail.

I went for a coffee with a colleague and he said things like “when you’re getting a blow job…”

It is really difficult being a single male Christian in a secular environment.

Do I just have to come out with it? “Look, I’m celibate. I don’t take girls home. I don’t have sex. And, no, I’m not gay.”

The fact is, I want to keep the friends I’m making at work. But the whole ‘I don’t have sex’ thing is just weird to them, and I feel like I’m the joke of the staffroom.

Being a Christian in a secular environment is so difficult.

Especially being single.

I did meet a girl I like recently. Maybe she’s the one.

When I told a colleague and said no, I hadn’t had sex with her, he said “I’d have f**ked her by now.”

So, you see?

It is impossibly difficult being a single male Christian in a secular environment.

Have you got any advice for how to deal with it?

Written by Steve Edwards // Follow Steve on  Twitter // Steve's  Website

Steve's a nomadic storyteller, picking up tales from the characters he meets. When he's not teaching English he's either sipping a cappuccino and writing or hanging out with drug-addicts and sex-workers in Cambodia's red light district, where he feels right at home. He bangs on about grace @thegracebase.

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