When the hustle and bustle of life gets to me I like to load up this video and take four minutes imagining I’m sitting on the rooftops of London looking down on the world.

When Tim Berners-Lee created the internet I guess he probably didn’t think his invention would be used to share videos of hamsters. But that’s what I’m using it for today. Thanks Tim.

I found this heartbreakingly honest interview with lead singer of American rock band Against Me! remarkable. It’s the story of how Tom Gable became Laura Jane Grace and how she told her family, her bandmates and her wife that she wanted to become a woman.

With the US election coming to its conclusion last week the Republican Party is facing a fight between its left and right flanks over its future. Here’s a thoughtful piece by Jim Wallis on the state of evangelicalism in politics.

TV ARK is a remarkable collection of, among other things, nearly every British TV channel ‘ident’ ever made. Relive the classics such as BBC1’s turning mirror globe, the hauntingly beautiful BBC2 ‘optics‘ and surely the best intro music to a news bulletin ever – the 1998 Nine O’Clock News.

Written by Joe Ware // Follow Joe on  Twitter

Joe is from Sheffield and being a northern immigrant to the capital is still enjoying the novelty of London. A journalist by trade he enjoys writing about many things, among them faith, international affairs and global justice. He also has a morbid fascination with American politics (what other kind is there?) and is an avid follower of the Green Bay Packers. Can often be found wandering along the Thames listening to Radio 5Live.

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