Today we face one of the biggest obstacles mankind has to progress – the obstacle of taking risks. There are few things that raise question marks and warning signs like the idea of taking risks, yet taking risks is necessary to survival.

There are big picture connotations, but on a personal level the lack of risk-taking leads us towards apathy; apathy being that state of heart and mind where passion and conviction are no longer ignited. It’s a terrible state of mind to be in because it’s neither hot nor cold, for or against, in or out. The question placed before us then is: ‘are you apathetic?’ ‘Apathetic to what?’ you ask. Apathetic to what might happen if you take a leap of faith and take a risk.

There’s a saying that goes: “Dear friends, do you think you’ll get anywhere in this if you learn all the right words but never do anything?”

Information and intellect are just the start, without belief, action and risk, there is no progress.

Another way of looking at risk is to see it as taking a leap of faith. It’s not what might be lost, but what might be gained, that should inspire us should we take the leap. The hope of seeing people and culture shaped for good is more powerful than the fear of trying.

The hard reality is that ‘trying’ can be a lonely road. I believe it’s not so much the task of taking the risk that sparks fear, but the associated factors surrounding it. Do I have support? Finance? A team? Advisors with expertise and experience? Granted, these are legitimate things to think about but it makes me think, if these factors were addressed what would that mean for us taking more risks? More leaps of faith. Would you finally give that book a go? Open the restaurant on the street corner in your community? Travel abroad to share hope with the disadvantaged? Imagine what would be possible if the obstacles were removed. What would you do if you knew you would succeed?

This is our question at Good Fruit where we help people bring dreams to life. Our goal is to reduce the risk of taking the leap by bridging the gap to the enabling surrounding factors; the supportive community, funding, your team, mentors and advisors. They say it takes a village to raise a child, we say it takes a community to realise a vision and to pursue an opportunity. Have you thought about what you can offer? How you can join someone’s journey and help them take that leap of faith? Check out some new opportunities on how to do so this summer across the Good Fruit world.


Written by Anthony O. Thomas // Follow Anthony on  Twitter //  GOODFRUIT

Anthony is the founder of GOODFRUIT, a community of dreamers who want to see culture and society flourish, by creating and helping projects and ideas driven by a purpose come to life. He is based in London with an interest tech, media and culture. Reader. Cheesecake enthusiast.

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