Hey Christian boy

A meme based on a meme based on a meme. Hotter than Gosling. More righteous than a woman whose prayer is powerful and effective. 

HMRC party crashers

A bit like the Yes Men, these British activists seem to be engaging in prophetic ministry without even realising it.

Spoek Mathambo: Control

Spoek is a South African Hip Hop / Kwaito star who is significantly more Goth than Marilyn Manson on this cover of Joy Division’s Control.

Honest trailers

If trailers for blockbusters told the truth, they would be like this. Trawling the same waters as the old recut trailers meme (You have to watch Scary Mary, these are pretty amusing. Contains spoilers in every sense.

Justified, Season 1

I freaking love this show (season 2 currently on 5USA). Basically a modern-day Western, the first season features one of the most interesting characters on TV: a former Nazi arsonist who seems to have found Jesus.

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Jonty Langley used to live in South Africa but moved to England for the weather and banks. A former radio and Goth-club DJ, he writes for Huffington Post UK and lots of Christian publications. He loves them all, but Narniansocialist.com is his favourite. His day job is at a mission agency.

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