Recently, during a youth camp, we played a game of Chinese Whispers. I hadn’t played it for a while and had forgotten how terrible I am at whispering. Most people have to be asked to speak up in this game, but I’m usually told to be a bit quieter.

It’s a funny thing, whispering. When I hear someone whisper, even if it’s not aimed at me, it makes me want to listen in.

So I find it exciting when God whispers. In the Bible, the prophet Elijah hears from God, not through the storm, earthquake or fire, but “the sound of a low whisper” (1 Kings 19:12).

God speaks in many ways, but I love the way He whispers into our lives.

I live in a community house with a group of Christians. Although it’s not always easy, it’s a place where, if I listen for it, I can hear the whispers of the kingdom of God. It happens when a stranger walks into the house and instantly feels at home. People occasionally say things like: “Oh, it’s so peaceful here”, which always makes us laugh, as it doesn’t always feel that way for us.

I remember a comment made by a woman who lives nearby in the local estate. She’d been coming to the house for quite a while, for meals and our weekly house group. She’s gradually exploring God and has the most brilliant laugh I’ve ever heard. She said something along the lines of: “It’s like at home, we all have jigsaws with pieces missing, and when I come here you’ve got the same jigsaw, but with all the pieces.” Just a passing comment, but I heard the whisper of God at work.

It also happens when it’s someone’s birthday and we make a massive fuss of them. I’m lucky enough to be accustomed to being celebrated on my birthday and usually having some sort of cake and presents, but not everyone shares that same privilege. I’ve known some people who have come among our community who have never before had anyone acknowledge their birthday, let alone make them a cake or throw a party for them. I love that God is in the business of celebrating the uncelebrated, of bringing joy and light to someone who has only known darkness.

To a casual observer, these things may seem like small, everyday occurrences. But I’m learning to listen for God at work in the quiet, in the daily rhythm of life. It’s good to know we don’t have to wait for some dramatic sign in the sky to hear from God. We can hear Him in the humdrum, because He is a whisperer.

Are you listening out for the whispers?

Written by Amy Williams // Follow Amy on  Twitter

Amy lives in a Jesus Army Christian community house with 15 other people and a cat called Smudge. She may be a bit too obsessed with spotting misplaced apostrophes and has an appreciation for terrible jokes. She loves bacon, seeing young people find freedom, deep discussions and discovering new cupcake cafes.

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