As the summer of sport gets underway, we’re wondering what we should do about it. What’s the point of football? What team would Jesus support? As so many of our favourite sports are being hit with corruption claims, should we really still be giving it so much of our attention, anyway?

threads, along with our friends at CVM, Christians in Sport and SPCK, have decided the best way to discuss this is over a beer. Want to join us? We’re going to be asking all these questions, as well as hearing how we can use football to tell the gospel and what sport can teach us about faith.

We’re excited to hear from our guest speakers on the night:

Joe Lowther from Kick London asks: does God care about sport?
Laura Murdock from Christians in Sport will look at what worship and witness have to do sport.
The boys from Cross the Line, the impressive football blog, will share their experiences from their time interviewing some of the biggest names in the beautiful game.

Join us on Tuesday 26 July, at 7pm for a 7.30 kickoff! 

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We are a collective of Christians from all walks of life, who are living, working and trying to carve out our identity in our worlds. We know our lives can be broken and dislocated and we also know Jesus is the ultimate fixer. We are humble, because we are not worthy. So we’re not judges, and we don’t do platitudes. Life can be full of knots, but we’re living it to the full.

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