The 99 Percent

I Love the articles on this site. “Ideas are 1% inspiration and 99% persperation” – a website committed to making ideas happen.

Love Came Down

A stripped-back, acoustic version of Brian Johnson’s “Love came down” – a great song for thought and reflection on the sacrifice Jesus made for us.

Comic Sans Criminal

Although more relevant to the designer types amongst us, this website provides some essential advice for all.

Finger-Tip Art

Sometimes you see a piece of art that is so amazing you don’t believe it’s actually been painted. This is one of those.

Nefarious: Merchant of Souls 

Have you ever seen a movie that changes the way you view the world? The kind that opens your eyes to something you never knew existed? This is a must-see.

Written by Dan Preston // Follow Dan on  Twitter //  Bramber Bakehouse

Dan lives on the sunny shores of Eastbourne. When he’s not Instagramming pictures of his cat he works for Spring Harvest, helps run Bramber Bakehouse and assists new charities and businesses with strategy, marketing and fundraising.

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