Say no to YOLO

// Maybe you regret not having more YOLO moments in 2014. I urge you to not just approach 2015 with plans...

Written by Emily Owen

Getting to know you: threads survey

// Tell us a bit about you...

Written by threads

Did a demon possess my housemate?

// "The conundrum I have is whether I should respect the opinion that a demon possessed my housemate and put it...

Written by Anonymous

3 reasons I’m thanking God Christmas is over

// "As we head into this new year, I have a sneaky suspicion that the battle for our hearts and minds...

Written by Emily Bowerman

The gift of spam

// "For countless people in developing countries like Sierra Leone, a few slices of Spam would never be unwanted. Not when...

Written by Tomi Ajayi

Sherlock and the false allure of the new

// "While change can be good, and finding time for something new is important, novelty is not in and of itself...

Written by Danny Webster

The incarnation meant vulnerability

// God, the all-powerful creator of the entire universe, sent his equally magnificent Son into the world, and made him utterly vulnerable.

Written by Martin Saunders

The wait of the world

// Waiting – whether it’s for a train, a change or a breakthrough – goes against our instincts.

Written by Tomi Ajayi

Christmas under siege: Let’s grow up

// "Our celebration alters the working year, dominates broadcasting, advertising, children’s expectations and the food we likely eat for months, and...

Written by Jonty Langley

Why Christian men should tell women they are hot

// "That was the moment when I realised that Christian culture had messed with my head. Of course being told you’re...

Written by Sarah Lewney

God: He Who Must Not Be Named

// "When you call this being ‘God’, do you mean a vague deity who grants wishes if you’re good, and who...

Written by Hannah Malcolm

The lifestyle idol

// It’s not so much money that’s the idol, it’s the lifestyle. What’s even worse is that I’m fully aware that...

Written by Rachel Holmes

I dare you to love your local church

// I love where I live and worship. And it is love; there can be no other explanation for why we...

Written by Kate Pearson

Wanted: a new threads curator

// Come join the fun.

Written by threads

What’s in a name? Everything

// We’re probably being disingenuous if we say we don’t make any assumptions about others from what they’re called.

Written by Sarah McCarten

A pro-active faith?

// In our desire to be loving and inclusive we fail to engage and inspire others to look beyond the limitations...

Written by Andy Frost

Glastonbury: heaven or hell?

// The fans bellowed out the Mumfords’ blatant God-inspired songs of redemption, forgiveness, love and hope for the whole of Somerset...

Written by Katherine Maxwell-Rose

Why social media has become the new narrator

// Thousands of stories are being uploaded and published daily, frame by frame, tweet by tweet, onto the pages of the...

Written by Jess Trigg

Work for us: threads co-ordinator & writer

// Would you like to be the driving force behind the country’s best Christian blog?

Written by threads

Behind the labels

// In response to Stop the Traffik's post last week on the factory collapse in Dhaka, Vicky Walker takes us behind...

Written by Vicky Walker