When the sun and the wind had a fight

// Love is such a remarkably stronger force than power, that it’s a wonder more people don’t choose it.

Written by Andy Tilsley

A letter to Sam on helping the poor

// You said you wanted to fall in love with the Church, but I want so much more than that for you.

Written by Jenny Dawkins

Ruth: lessons in disappointment

// There is, in all the stories of the women of Jesus’ genealogy, the story of the wait.

Written by Ruth Clements

What to do when you get cancer at 21

// There is potential that the suffering of the journey is not a means to an end, but a real place of discovery of both God and our identity in God.

Written by Gillian Straine

Why our church threw out our mission statement

// So millennials are sick of mission statements? Here’s why our church doesn’t have one...

Written by Jenny Bridgman

Understanding singleness via Genesis

// An extract from 'Dare to Date'

Written by Aukelien van Abbema

Wife of Uriah, ancestor of Jesus

// A continuation of our series on the female ancestors of Jesus.

Written by Ruth Clements

I shop online, therefore I am

// How our online habits are unconsciously shaping our Christian values.

Written by Guy Brandon

The ‘always-on’ mentality vs. Sabbath

// How to reclaim Sabbath in a culture that doesn't value rest

Written by Guy Brandon

Dare to date

// And what in the world is 'biblical dating'?

Written by Aukelien van Abbema

The internet, anonymity, integrity and the Bible

// Why who we are, or who we show ourselves to be online matters.

Written by Guy Brandon

Are you tough enough?

// Why resilience mightn't be enough.

Written by Dave Luck

Tamar – ancestor of Jesus

// How an ordinary woman became an ancestor of Christ himself.

Written by Ruth Clements

Social media, your habits and faith

// Because habits are powerful.

Written by Guy Brandon

Proverbs 31 is for all of us

// Proverbs 31. The wife of noble character. Yes, that passage.

Written by Amy Turner

Go to church? Why can’t I just listen to a podcast?

// Ok, here's why - and no, I’m not anti-technology. I’m just pro-community.

Written by Andy Tilsley

I started a church for chavs

// The final article from our extract from Darren's book, Chav Church.

Written by Darren Edwards

Thin skin and breakable hearts

// They're what make us human - and they help build resilience.

Written by Jenny Bridgman

Have we forgotten that God changes nations?

// In the week of the US election, we’re reminded of the importance of believing in a God who can change the world, and the part we can play in that.

Written by Banning Liebscher

Grace: counter-culturalism in action

// The grace we read about, or know in our heads, pales beside grace in action.

Written by Mike Harvey