Is the BBC anti-Christian?

// In Eastenders, the only regular Christian character is a chain-smoking, loopy old bat, intended for ridicule.

Written by Marcus Stead

Why Thatcher’s funeral was really terribly weird

// A spiritual atheist finds all the pomp, spectacle and ritual of Margaret Thatcher's funeral utterly bizarre.

Written by Lucie Mussett

Sin and biology: how sin can invade your inner being

// Science is beginning to understand how what we experience – both physically and emotionally – can substantially change who we...

Written by Jack Teasdale

Q & A

// How do I bring a child into this progressive, post-modern, post-evangelical, post-Christendom Christianity?

Written by Nathan Jones

The diary of a liberal evangelical sceptic, who loves Jesus

// I want to live in a better world and hate religion that gets in the way of that.

Written by Alex White

Israel: God’s promise fulfilled

// The word ‘Israel’ is on nearly every page of our Bibles. Yet few Christians give today’s modern state a second...

Written by Sam Hailes

Pro-life, pro-choice, or something else?

// Until the 1970s, the accepted evangelical position on abortion in the USA was one that we would call 'pro-choice', which...

Written by Hannah Mudge

Paedogeddon: of gods and monsters

// Being human and sexual offending is complicated; does an evil act make someone pure evil?

Written by Sara Kewly Hyde

Let’s get rid of ethnic churches

// I would find it odd going to a Church of Women, a Manchester United Supporters' church, the Church of the...

Written by Chine McDonald

Single? You can still be a mother

// Why are we expected to plan for children only once we’ve married?

Written by Hannah Kowszun