The humans are dead (the end of history and our last stand)

// Now you, being an informed kind of person, may think that superhitech singing Kiwi robots with killer dance moves and...

Written by Jonty Langley

Voices of the future

// A smorgasbord of up-and-coming musicians from Bastille to King Charles.

Written by Angeline Liles

Your history is someone else’s future

// The question is not so much will you make history? The real question is: what kind of history will you...

Written by Matt Summerfield

Decisions, decisions – facing your future

// Wouldn’t it be great to have specific and unmistakable guidance from God, especially for the big questions? Am I in...

Written by Krish Kandiah

Pink wigs, theatrical hats and gold bikinis

// From The Hunger Games to Star Trek, sci-fi's love affair with outlandish fashion.

Written by Jenny Hulme

Tourism off the beaten track

// A holiday in Colombia, Burma or Somaliland might be more tempting than you think.

Written by Elizabeth Hopkirk

Gadget heaven

// All of a sudden some of the events and technology characterised by films such as Minority Report don’t look that...

Written by Aaron Gibson

Imagining a brave new world

// Five new pieces of flash fiction on the theme of 'The Future' written exclusively for threads.

Written by threads

When I’m 64

// Where will you be in 40-years time?

Written by threads

Back to Back to the Future

// Where are our hoverboards? Where are our trainers that fasten themselves?

Written by Paul Kerensa