The Book Cover Archive

Whenever I’m struggling for design inspiration, I head here. A collection of over 1300 book cover designs in one place – a myriad of colours, layouts and approaches. And as the famous saying goes, ‘always judge a book by its cover’… or something like that anyway.

The Lure of Hypocrisy

“I want only to follow the saviour, want only to see him save souls, heal the sick and transform lives. Nothing else will cut it, nothing else will do. The world has seen a show, it’s been to the West End and it has watched countless X-Factors. Now let’s give it the church.”

Dry the River

Harmonies, folk melodies and ambiguous biblical references – no, it’s not who you think. Dry The River have been quietly plying their trade for 18 months, hoovering up critical acclaim and a loyal following as they go. I’ve been watching this video a lot lately; a great song, on a boat – what more could you ask for?


We like to think we’re appreciative, but sometimes it’s tricky to slow down and acknowledge the things, big and small, we’re grateful for. Another great example of social media being used to add some value to our everyday lives.


Written by Dan Preston // Follow Dan on  Twitter //  Bramber Bakehouse

Dan lives on the sunny shores of Eastbourne. When he’s not Instagramming pictures of his cat he works for Spring Harvest, helps run Bramber Bakehouse and assists new charities and businesses with strategy, marketing and fundraising.

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