I promised myself this pick of the week would be a US election free zone. And it nearly is, because it’s all over bar the crying: White people mourning Romney.

I’m a celebrity… get me out of here is my unpick of the week, apparently it started yesterday. I won’t be watching it.

If it’s the middle of the day and you’re bored of the idea of one more cheese sandwich, try LunchboxAwesome for some inspiration.

I’ve been listening to this track a lot over the past week, it’s the title track off the latest offering from Bethel Church – For the sake of the world.

And finally, rather than clicking on another link why not do something offline? If you’re signed up for Thursday Threads you’ll have received some rambling thoughts of mine last week, and if you’re not you should. (Don’t tell anyone but you can get a sneeky peek if you really want to.) I took my own advice yesterday and saw a stunning world on a beautiful day, but I only saw it after putting my phone away and actually, well, looking. Find something that is beautiful and fills you with joy and do it. Or maybe just stop and let yourself be filled with wonder.

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Danny loves to read, write and think about how the church can change the world, and how in the mean time we can get to grips with it not always working out that way. Danny blogs at Broken Cameras & Gustav Klimt on the lessons he is learning about faith and failure as he goes through life. He’s also a bit of a geek on political and social issues. When he's bored or stressed Danny indulges in a little creative baking.

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