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Robin is a big avocado fan. He thinks the pen is mightier than the sword, and far easier to write with. Having read theology at Durham, he is now training for ordained ministry at Oak Hill College. Along the way he married Zoe and spent time with a bunch of young people excluded from normal education. Amongst his greatest achievements are having his first band played on Chinese radio, becoming a dad, and being told he has the dress-sense of an Oxfam model.

Embracing awkward

// Everything is awkward. But what if behind the frequency with which we use the term, there's also a cultural change...

Written by Robin Ham

MH17: Is our culture of immortality breeding voyeurs of death?

// "[The tragedy of] MH17 allowed us to release our repressed fascination with mortality."

Written by Robin Ham

How Instagram shows we were born to praise

// "It's not enough to just know something is good, we need to let it be known."

Written by Robin Ham