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Rev Jody Stowell is a priest in the Church of England, who's passionate about working for equality between men and women in the Church and beyond. She writes and blogs about faith, feminism, community and being a priest . She is part of the Christian think-tank Fulcrum’and the campaign groups Yes2WomenBishops and WATCH (Women and the Church). Jody also has a weird accent – true.

Fix you

// “The last thing we learn about ourselves is our own effect.” William Boyd

Written by Jody Stowell

Still addicted

// "We want Christianity to be a success, because that will prove it is true. We want our leaders to win...

Written by Jody Stowell

Why are we so afraid of women bishops?

// "I'm not naive. I understand that women in ministry is a hot topic, but what is it that makes it...

Written by Jody Stowell

Doing it in public

// Whatever you were made for….do it.

Written by Jody Stowell