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Being the son of a preacher man, Jim has lived all over the UK but still finds his identity in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Banished to London to work as a web editor for an international development charity he has an unhealthy interest in fantasy literature (he currently wishes he was Patrick Rothfuss), cricket, good ale and Leeds United. Preferably all at the same time.

Can you be a Christian and… eat Kit Kats?

// In and of itself, boycotting doesn't work, doesn't change anything and is lazy campaigning.

Written by Jim Atkins

Can you be a Christian and buy a diamond ring?

// After promising to myself that I'd never buy an uncertified diamond, I bought two...

Written by Jim Atkins

Conkering injustice and NaNoWriMo

// I’m realising how much focus, determination and faith is required to achieve anything of lasting value.

Written by Jim Atkins