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Henry previously worked in the paper industry and local government. His interests include choral singing, family history, music, reading, walking, motoring and voluntary work. He is a licensed worship leader with the Church in Wales. Kathy was evacuated during the war which gave her an abiding love of the country. She worked in an engineering drawing office, learning mechanical engineering at night school. Her interests are in the theatre, and singing both in choirs and as a soloist. She is a reader in the Anglican church. They have both previously been married for 55 years and widowed twice. Henry has a son and two grandchildren, Kathy has a daughter and three grandsons. Henry, 78, and Kathy, 80, married in May 2013.

We found love in our silver years

// Kathy, 80, and Henry, 78, recently married after meeting through the internet. We caught up with the newly-weds to find...

Written by Henry and Kathy Johnston